Ancient Camera -- Antique photographs from the collection of Kevin Davis

Ancient Camera

I love antique photographs. There is something about the feeling of holding in your hand a moment in time captured so long ago, a brief moment in lives long past. They are all that’s left behind; a way to still touch and feel those long gone days.

I’ve been collecting antique photographs for a number of years now, picking them up in bulk on eBay and individually at antique stores and estate sales. By now I have a few thousand of them in pretty much all formats, from the earliest daguerreotypes and ambrotypes of the 1850s, through cabinets cards and carte de visite, turn of the century carnival tintypes and glass plates, early brownie camera prints and a variety of early color photos. Each tells a story, many of them intimate, all of them fascinating.

I’ve slowly curated a small but growing portion of my collection to highlight online at my antique photo website, Ancient Camera. Take a few moments to visit and enjoy a glimpse of life as it once was.